Sex icons, bloodthirsty killers, sharp-shooters... dirty scoundrels the lot of them!

Criminals, sex predators, innocents… throw them all together and you get…..?

Dirty deals, ever-changing alliances and always looking over your shoulder.

It is the year 2099, and the demented Genesee Glasco, a quintillionaire heiress and first world ruler, is hosting the ultimate retro gala. The steampunk-themed affair will be held at the awe-inspiring Hematite Palace in the world’s new capital – Glasco Megalopolis. Using her newest invention created by a collective effort from the world’s top scientists, she has hand-selected her guests from past icons, legends and even infamous villains.

Nobody knows what Genesee specifically has planned for the gala, but this party is undeniably a world’s first.

Regrettably, you are one of the icons that have suffered through the painful transport from the past. You feel disoriented and are quite mystified why you have been brought to this strange, wondrous place and why they are not allowing you to leave.

This is where your story begins.

This is an hilarious over-the-top role-playing dinner party game, hosted by the Murder Master®.

Play as one of the worlds past icons and infamous characters, such as Marilyn Monroe, Genghis Khan, Confucius, Joan of Arc, Annie Oakly and more. Whoever you play, you can’t trust anyone, least of all, your friends.

This Steampunk game is for 10 and up to 26 people. Play one of these characters…

Get a group of your fellow Steampunk-mad friends together (you’ll need a group of 10 or more people), to dress up and play.

Who among you is the Killer?

When and Where?

Anytime, this is one of the most popular Murder Mystery party games.

The Murder Master® hosts Killer Parties Australia-wide… you can choose the perfect venue for your Killer Fun Murder Mystery Party.

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