Murder Events?

A small party group for a Dickens Christmas Murder Mystery

A Murder Mystery Party is a screamingly fun and unique way to celebrate almost anything.

The Murder Master hosts all sorts of events. 

sitting down to a Murder Dinner-Party

Murders are popular for:

black skull and cross bones motif
the hand-print

Hen’s & Buck’s Parties

Hen's Parties are THE most popular event hosted.

Buck's Parties are becoming more common; not everyone wants to get wasted and do a whole lot of silly stuff that they regret... or worse, can't remember!

the Murder Master's very deadly knife!
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Birthday Celebrations

Significant birthday celebrations are a perfect reason for a get-together with friends and family.

Throw in a perfectly good Murder, and everyone remembers what fun they had.

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The number of wedding anniversaries / relationship celebrations that I've hosted is phenomenal.

A popular approach is to keep the whole thing a secret until the day itself, when the partner is presented with a costume.

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Office Parties

Kill the Boss!

Of course, no-one would knock-off any boss who takes the team out for a good time (would they?)!

Christmas parties are the obvious event; and there are quite a few office social-club functions etc.

the hand-print

Break-Out Sessions
& Corporate Entertainment

Keeping the troops involved and keeping up morale, especially during what can be quite a dry seminar or other function, can be a challenge.

A Murder is a great way to rally everyone together and avoid that awkwardness which can sometimes descend of a group of people who really don't know each-other all that well.

hangman's noose
the hand-print

Afternoon & High-Teas

Break-up a day of careless relaxation with a gentle killing. This is a terrific way to enjoy each-other's company.

open coffin
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Lunch or Dinner Parties

Add an extra fun element to your party, and serve up a side-serve of deliciously deadly fun!

stylised tombestone
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Anything really...

It doesn't matter what your planned event or function is, a Murder Mystery will take your event up another notch, and everyone will remember it.