Per the table below, the Murder Master’s fees are made up of:

  1. Hosting Fees, and
  2. Fees per participant
  3. Travel and Accommodation if required

All bookings are subject to the Murder Master’s terms and conditions.

Murder Fees

Murder Hosting Fees*

  • $595 per day
  • $995 for significant dates:

    e.g. Easter, Christmas,

    New Year’s Eve & Halloween etc.

Suspect Fees**

per person
  • $11

    10- 50 Suspects
  • $6

    51 - 100 Suspects

* Up to a maximum of 4 hour’s duration for single-day / night events. If your Murder is held over two or more days, the following applies:

Murder Hosting Fees – multi-day

Great for Corporate Events & Coach Tour Holidays
  • Day 1

    per the above Hosting fees table
  • 2nd day onwards

    $400 per day

Travel & Accomodation

the Murder Master® get's around...
  • Travel: $250 per day (first day each-way free)

    plus airfares and / or other paid services

    ex Oberon NSW... flights are either from Orange (OAG) or Sydney (SYD) NSW
  • Accommodation: $250 per day, flat

    (accommodation is effective if the Murder Master® travels more than 1 hour 30 mins each way to your event, from Oberon NSW)


The Murder Master® offers a premium service so that your Murder Mystery Party is truly something that your guests will enjoy and remember. The Murder Master® himself dresses up especially for you, in a vintage frock coat, with tails, topped off with a bow tie; a red one of course.

The fees quoted above are for the following inclusions:

  • The Master’s event hosting service
  • Two Murder Mystery Prizes (you can order more prizes if you want them: ask)
  • Character information and wardrobe suggestions, sent out before the event date
  • Murder Mystery scenario / storyline
  • Clues
  • Candid photos, which the Murder Master® takes throughout your event
  • Printing of materials required for each particular scenario
  • Grubby details about your fellow Suspects

...and what is not included

  • venue costs
  • food & beverage costs
  • participant costumes & props
  • the Master’s accommodation & travel costs, if required; see the above Travel and Accommodation table

Bookings are confirmed on payment of a $250 deposit and are subject to the Master’s terms and conditions, detailed below…

Terms & Conditions

  1. Bookings are confirmed with a $250 deposit
    • At the time of your verbal or written stated intention to book a Murder event with the Murder Master®, you will be sent an invoice
    • For any travel and accommodation required, 50% of those costs are to be paid in addition to your $250 deposit to confirm your booking
    • Your tentative booking date is held for a period of 24 hours to allow you time to make your deposit(s)
  2. The balance of fees are due two weeks prior to your event
  3. Cancellations / refunds
    • If your event is cancelled due to Australian state or territory Health Orders or other restrictions imposed by any Government Authority relating to Covid 19 (Coronavirus), or because of illness directly related to Covid 19, you will be entitled to a refund of all fees, except:
      • $250 administration fee
      • Any costs already incurred, such as flights and accommodation
    • If you cancel your event 8-14 days before the scheduled date, 50% of the total fees will be refunded, excluding your $250 deposit and any travel & accommodation
    • If you cancel your event within 7 days, or on the day, of the scheduled date, you will not be refunded, the entire fee is forfeited 
    • All travel and / or accommodation expenses incurred will not be refunded at all, regardless of how far in advance of the scheduled date the event is cancelled
  4. Please note that these terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice
    • If these terms and conditions do change after you have confirmed a booking with a deposit, your booking will be subject to the terms and conditions that were in effect at the time of your booking

Why so harsh?

  • The Murder Master® delivers a premium service, which includes preparation of materials for your Murder, and printing of those materials. 
  • The Murder Master’s fees include other costs such as royalties to writers, which are payable whether an event goes on or not.
  • Other costs such as flights and accommodation are incurred shortly after your booking.
  • As such, the Murder Master® incurs costs immediately upon your booking.