Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can have your Murder Mystery event on any day of the week.

If your event is planned for a major public holiday, you may incur extra costs; please speak to us when you are making your booking.

Murder Mystery games are role-playing games. Participants dress up and play characters in a ficticious murder scenario. 

They can be played at the dinner table or moving around, and can be organised to fit in with any kind of event.

A detailed explanation is on this webpage.

Some social clubs, charities and entertainment venues book the Murder Master® to host ticketed Murder Mystery events, for which you can purchase tickets.

Most Murder Mystery events are booked for a select group of people who are all attending a planned function, such as a birthday party or other private event, a corporate function etc.

Murder Mysteries are perfect for almost any private or business / corporate occasion.

The Murder Master® most often hosts birthday celebrations, hens and bucks parties, afternoon teas even weddings!

Murder Mysteries are also ideal for team-building, business conferences and launches.

Dressing up is not obligatory, however 95% of people do. It adds to the fun for everyone.

The Murder Master® does not supply costumes. Most participants find that organising their own wardrobes is all part of the fun. Some people even go so far as to make their own!


The Murder Master® will host your Murder Mystery event at almost any venue, even your own home or office. Talk to us about your plans.

If you are interested in the Murder Master®’s special Murder Venues in the Blue Mountains or the NSW Southern Highlands, take a look here.

Yes, the Murder Master® travels anywhere and everywhere in Australia and New Zealand. As he is based in Central NSW, travels costs may be incurred.

No, you can hold your Murder Mystery event any way that you like, with or without a meal, with canapes and cocktails, with afternoon nibbles… breakfast if you really want to.

Anytime is suitable for a Murder Mystery. Most people prefer holding their event at lunchtime or in the evening, but anytime is fine… afternoon tea is a popular option.

Typically Murder Mystery events run from 2 -3 hours, depending on the size of the group and complexity of the Murder Mystery being played.

Some business conference Murder Mystery events can run over two or even three days, depending on requirements.


Murder Mysteries are an ideal as a way to get the troops working with each other in a fun, stress-free environment. As they play the Murder Mystery, your team will also be exercising their problem solving skills, other cognitive abilities and negotiation etc.

More information is on this webpage.

Almost any venue is suitable for your Murder Mystery event; conference and function venues are great, but you can also decide to hold your event at your own home or office. Some people choose to book out a small hotel or restaurant – or even a Bed and Breakfast venue or historic home.

The most important thing is make sure your group is not imposing on other people, such as other diners at a restaurant – unless the management can cordon off a dedicated section for you. 

There are also some ‘Murder Friendly’ venues which the Murder Master® has relationships with; you can find them here. 

Maybe… but you wont know until the event.

If you are lucky, you can book the Murder Master® at a day’s notice depending on his schedule, however you will need to consider details such as travel etc.

Most Murder Mysteries are booked 2 months ahead or more… some even as much as a year in advance.

Booking your Murder Mystery event is easy; either fill in this form, or phone the Murder Master’s manager, Carole on 1800 Murder (1800 687 337 from within Australia), or +61.2 7911 3166 from outside of Australia.

Yes, the Carole the Murder Master®’s manager would love to help you plan your Murder Mystery event. You can contact her on 1800 Murder (1800 687 337 from within Australia), or +61.2 7911 3166 from outside of Australia; or fill out this contact form.

Yes, the Murder Master® has developed some marketing collateral to support the promotion of your event, including a style guide which will describe how to display the Murder Master® as part of your marketing.

The Murder Master® will also feature your event on this website and social media channels.

Yes, the Murder Master® is available for any ticketed events, including charity and other fundraisers, club and other organisation functions, commercial events at entertainment venues and so on.

Further details can be found on this webpage.

Yes, you are welcome to put on a Murder Mystery at your venue, with tickets made available for sale.

Details about ticketed events with the Murder Master® are on this webpage.

Absolutely! The Murder Master® is frequently asked to host Murder Mystery events for fundraisers for charities, social and sports clubs, schools etc.

If you are intending to sell tickets for your fundraising event,  you will find the information on this webpage helpful.

Sometimes the number of people attending your planned Murder Mystery changes. It isn’t a problem; the Murder Master’s manager, Carole, will look after you.

Pick a number!

The Murder Master can host Murder Mystery events for any number of guests, up to 100, 200 or more!

The average private Murder Mystery party is attended by 20-40 guests; corporate functions can often exceed 60-100 guests. 

The Murder Master®’s minimum hosting fee includes up to 10 guests. While it is possible for 4 or even a single person to have a Murder Mystery hosted by the Murder Master®, it may not be cost effective.

There isn’t a limit on the number of guests who can attend your Murder Mystery event.

If your guest-list starts approaching 80 people or so, the Murder Master® may require an assistant or two to ensure the smooth flow of your event.

Every function has different needs, which can be discussed during the planning stage of your event.

Yes, Murder Mystery events are suitable for almost everyone, of any age. The Murder Master® often hosts family birthdays and other get-togethers attended by multiple generations; grandchildren, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins 64 times removed… they’ve all enjoyed solving a Murder Mystery.

The only caveat is that the subject matter and themes may not be suitable for young children under 10 years of age; this will naturally need to assessed by the parents involved. Please discuss this with Carole, the Murder Master®’s manager when making your booking.

Read this webpage for more detail.

Depending on the themes and storyline of the particular Murder Mystery game being played, these games are suitable for children from age 10 upwards.

Naturally factors such as emotional maturity, upbringing and other factors need to be considered, and the ultimate decision rests with the parents involved.

Please discuss this with Carole, the Murder Master®’s manager when making your booking.

More details about family-friendly Murder Mysteries are on this webpage.

No; the venue, meal and other costs are not included in the Murder Master®’s fees.

Please visit the fees page for more details.

The minimum fee for the Murder Master® to host your Murder Mystery event is $695, which includes up to 10 participants.

Depending on where your event is taking place, the Murder Master®’s accommodation and travel may also be required. Please visit the fees page for more details.

Yes, you can pay in instalments by arrangement with Carole, the Murder Master®’s manager.

Please note, we do not utilise the services of short-term or pay-day credit services as a matter of principle.

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map of the 'local' area that the Murder Master® can host a Murder Mystery event without requiring accommodation.
map of the 'local' area that the Murder Master® can host a Murder Mystery event without requiring accommodation.
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