At Cosventure your Murder and other adventures truly begin! They are not your average costume shop, as they don’t just sell costumes off the rack. Cosventure also do custom made, stock LARP Gear, SFX makeup, prosthetics, thermoplastics and pop culture collectables!

Cosventure is passionate about costumes and they are always looking to expand their range.

They have a great store in Bathurst NSW, however they are an Australia-wide provider for all your costume needs and can arrange delivery everywhere.

Cosventure is your one stop shop for everything costume related. They cover the big brands like Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics, Happy Potter, Disney, Mehron, Global Colours, Calimacil, Ateliers Nemesis, Epic Armoury and so much more.

More than anything, they value their customers. Cosventure is always looking to expand and improve, so please contact them with any suggestions or feedback.

Also, they’d love to see some pictures of your costumes (especially your Murder Mystery costumes), so feel free to share your fun pictures with them… and the Murder Master®!