Bryan the Murder Master laughing maniacally

Hello, pleased to meet you...

I am the Murder Master

What do I do?

I host Murder Mystery Parties, which are so much fun it’s criminal!

Invite me... if you dare

I host Murder Mystery Parties all over Australia.

If you want your next Birthday, Hen's or Buck's Party, Anniversary or any other special celebration to be something extra fun and totally memorable, invite me along to spice things up and give everyone an absolutely killer time.

I also do a lot of business and corporate work, including conferences, retirement farewells and office parties. Murders are also a great team bonding experience.

Murder Mystery Parties and Events have evolved far beyond the old Victorian Parlour Games and those boxed 'Host-a-Murder' sets that were all the rage in the 1980s. Now, you get to dress up and role-play characters and mingle with the other suspects doing deals, bribing, blackmailing and accusing each-other of all sorts of heinous doings...
including Murder!

Thank you for visiting my website

Please take the time to look around. You’ll find some details about what Murder Mysteries are and how they work, some testimonials from past customers, fees and so on.

When you are ready to organise your event, contact me to arrange the details.

Murder Mystery Parties are a Scream… once you’ve experienced one, you’ll do anything to do another… even commit Murder!

Murder Party goers having a deadly time at the annual Pirelli conference